Die Setter Jobs in Canada
A Die Setter works in a production or manufacturing company, producing and repairing tools, dies and special guiding and holding devices that enable machines to manufacture metal and plastics.

A Die Setter requires a secondary education level as well as competence in computer aided design (CAD) software and the ability to read blueprints. Most employers require a trade certificate due to the precision and accuracy needed in this occupation.

Die Setter jobs require an excellent eye for detail to work from blueprints and design drawings, logic skills to plan the sequence of operations to manufacture the tool or die to the exact specifications needed.

Die Setter jobs will involve working with planers, milling machines, grinders, presses, turret lathes, and automatic machine centres, also preparing and calibrating equipment for the machine tool operators who run machine tools. A Die Setter often tests the machine by running off several pieces to make certain that their settings are accurate. They then turn the job over to the machine tool operator. A Die Setter is also responsible, during a job run, for making adjustments when necessary, changing cutting tools and adjusting specifications if needed.

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