Industrial Designer Jobs in Canada
An Industrial Designer develops and prepares products for manufacture. They rely on their thorough knowledge of how human usage, behaviour and marketing relate to product design.

Industrial Designers handle the marketing, manufacturing and financial requirements of a project and design a product that meets the specifications of the client. The functional and aesthetic aspects are an essential consideration of their designs, in addition to ease of use.

As part of the design and production process, Industrial Designers prepare prototypes and test models to illustrate their ideas to clients and also for testing purposes. They must have advanced skills in computer-aided design programs and exceptional skills in two- and three-dimensional modelling and illustration.

An Industrial Designer also has expertise in textiles and fabrics, with an ability to select the optimal components and materials to ensure products are resilient and cost-effective.

Industrial Designers are often part of a product development team that may include electronics experts, mechanical engineers and marketing professionals. Most Industrial Designers work for design companies that consult to manufacturing companies, rather than within manufacturing companies. Industrial Designers have skills and expertise in:

  • computer-aided design
  • ergonomics
  • design history and principles
  • fabrics and materials used in manufacture
  • business and project management

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