Screen Printer Jobs in Canada
A Screen Printer develops and prepares products for manufacture. They rely on their thorough knowledge of how human usage, behaviour and marketing relate to product design.

Screen Printers requires an interest in creative design and production, along with excellent attention to detail and aptitude for manual handiwork.

Screen Printers perform the following duties:

  • prepare stencils to be used in the printing process by handcutting, photographic or electronic means
  • select, mix and match coloured inks and load ink into printing machines
  • load paper, fabric, plastic or other material onto printing machines with accurate alignment
  • supervise machines and check the quality of printing
  • keep records of completed work
  • store and maintain stencils for future use
  • unload printed items from drying racks and stack
  • remove waste, clean and maintain printing machines
  • clean and maintain equipment including camera lenses, screens, stops and filters

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