Shop Steward Jobs in Canada
A Shop Steward acts as a liaison between fellow workers and the trade or labour union they are members of. A Shop Steward is an elected position voted for by the workers.

A Shop Steward requires excellent communication skills, and relays concerns and complaints to union officials of the issues of co-workers. A Shop Steward is expected to report to the union any changes in management, environment, policies or personnel. A Shop Steward must have good organisational abilities to schedule meetings, collect fees on time, and update workplace manuals and guidelines.

Shop Steward jobs require the maintenance of accurate books and records regarding the collection of union fees, member applications and grievances. A Shop Steward is expected to document the concerns of the union members they wish to be presented during contract negotiations. A Shop Steward is required to post training or educational seminars that may benefit members of the union, and assist members in the registration process.

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