Supervisor/Team Leader Jobs in Canada
A Supervisor/Team Leader leads the activities of the team members to maintain productivity to ensure quality products are delivered on time.

Supervisor/Team Leader is responsible for implementing and maintaining safety, creating and maintaining high morale in the workplace, setting work schedules, providing training and coaching, conducting performance evaluations, and setting departmental goals and expectations.

Supervisor/Team Leader jobs require management of employee performance, hiring, discipline, development and team building.

Supervisor/Team Leader jobs include being part of the company’s management team and performing duties as directed by the General Manager including developing, conducting analyses, and presenting monthly reports.

A Supervisor/Team Leader develops monitors and implements the department’s budgets and production forecasts. A Supervisor Team Leader implements workforce scheduling, and team members’ placement to ensure the facility and company goals are successfully met.

A Supervisor/Team Leader is responsible for the training of employees in work methods and procedure, inspecting products to ensure conformance to specifications and directs setup and adjustments of production machinery.

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