Leasing Agent Jobs in Canada
A Leasing Agent works for landlords of commercial or residential property finding suitable tenants and renters for the property.

A Leasing Agents jobs include:

  • finding suitable tenants for the landlord or owner of a property
  • screening each applicant to make sure they are suitable for the property
  • verifying the applicants credit record and references
  • maintaining the lease agreement for the tenant
  • liaising with tenant and landlord
  • scheduling maintenance of the property on the landlord behalf
  • ensuring that all the rules and guidelines of the tenants and renters are met
  • ensuring the property is safe and secure
  • collecting the rent owed and follows all legal and necessary methods to ensure the renters pay their rent in a prompt manner
  • report any changes within the property to the tenants and/or landlord
  • make sure that the tenant’s right is protected
  • preparing leasing agreements and notices
  • perform regular routine inspections

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