Residential Commercial Agent Jobs in Canada
A Residential/Commercial Agent deals with the rental, purchase and sale of real-estate property for their clients. A Residential/Commercial Agent is responsible for property listings, interviewing prospective clients, accompanying clients to property inspections, discussing conditions of sale, and drawing up real estate contracts.

Residential/Commercial Agent jobs include:

  • presenting purchase offers to sellers for consideration
  • conferring with escrow companies, lenders, home inspectors, and pest control operators to ensure that terms and conditions of purchase agreements are met
  • interviewing clients to determine their requirements
  • preparing documents such as contracts, purchase agreements, closing statements, deeds and leases
  • dealing with property closings, signing of documents and disbursement of funds
  • negotiation with buyers and sellers
  • promotion of properties through advertisements, open houses
  • determining properties competitive market price
  • arranging title searches to ensure clients have clear property titles
  • answering clients' enquiries regarding construction work, financing, maintenance, repairs, and appraisals
  • inspecting condition of premises, and arrange for necessary maintenance or notify owners of maintenance needs
  • advising clients on market conditions, prices, mortgages, legal requirements and related matters
  • contacting property owners and advertising services in order to solicit property sales listings
  • working with attorneys, mortgage lenders, and contractors

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