Cashier Jobs in Canada
The Cashier's job is to receive payment from the consumer in exchange for merchandise. A Cashier remains behind a checkout counter and operates a cash register, scans the products bar code or enters the product code into the register and accepts payment for the merchandise. The Cashier is also responsible for keeping the checkout area clean and organised.

Cashier jobs involve a high level of customer service as they are the main contact that the customers have with the store. The Cashier greets the customer as they enter the premises, handle customer inquires about products and direct them to the correct area of the store.

Cashier’s duties include processing refunds and exchanges, handling cash, credit cards and cheques and inputting barcodes and product prices. Cashiers also pack the customer’s purchases and may offer assistance with their packages. Cashiers may also be responsible for counting daily totals from their cash drawer ensuring cash, coupons and cheques are balanced with their daily sales.

Cashier jobs in some businesses may require them to prepare money bags for pick up, bank deposits and change for registers. Cashiers must also verify money to be legitimate and not counterfeit.

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