Stock Replenisher Jobs in Canada
Stock Replenishers ensure that shelves are not left empty and there is a full supply of products available. As goods are sold the Stock Replenisher repacks the shelves and display areas with products for further sales.

Stock Replenisher jobs involve working on the retail shop floor which may require interaction with customers and communication with managers and other staff. Stock Replenishers must maintain a friendly and helpful demeanour and remain positive and professional at all times.

Stock Replenisher jobs require a good level of physical fitness and are required to do tasks such as lift boxes, operate mechanical lifting equipment and work within a well ordered storage systems. A Stock Replenisher will be required to work as part of a team, and must also be willing to work alone and unsupervised for part of the day.

A Stock Replenisher may also be required to answer customer queries, price check items, take receipt of stock, checking delivery items and taking stock level reports.

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