Brand Manager Jobs in Canada
A Brand Manager applies marketing techniques to a particular product, product line, or trademark. Their aim is to increase the product’s perceived value to existing and potential customers, thereby increasing public awareness and profits.

A Brand Manager will research and analyse competitors, marketing techniques including the suitability of innovative techniques such as social media, direct, and loyalty marketing.

The Brand Manager is ultimately involved in the strategic planning and supervision of brand promotions and the ultimate value and public perception of a brand.

Brand Managers are answerable to the Chief Executive Officer and the stakeholders of the brand they manage. The more successful they are in establishing the superior value of a brand, the greater the profits and the challenge then is to maintain the value of the brand and to remain highly competitive and innovative.

Brand Managers must identify their target market and will often rely on market research to identify the techniques and values most likely to appeal to this market. Their ultimate challenge is to promote their brand and to establish it as superior to competitors, while not being so innovative or eccentric as to alienate their existing customers.

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