Merchandise Planner Jobs in Canada
A Merchandise Planner plays an essential role in a retail company and they are in high demand in Australia in particular. It is a demanding occupation, requiring dedication to research, analysis and evaluation. A Merchandise Planner must also apply their experience and knowledge to forecasting trends and likely demand for certain products.

A Merchandise Planners may be solely responsible for planning and forecasting stock purchases in smaller companies, however it is more common to work in teams where each staff member is responsible for particular aspects of the planning and buying of stock, including the budget and seasonal trends in product demand.

Merchandise Planner have the following skills:

  • high degree of business acumen
  • clear and effective communication ability
  • aptitude for multitasking
  • ability to remain calm and logical under time and financial pressure
  • able to meet with and discuss professional matters with local and international stakeholders, potential clients or suppliers
  • able to direct and manage staff where appropriate
  • passion and interest in the retail industry

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