Sales Analyst Jobs in Canada
A Sales Analyst collects, analyses, and reports on sales levels in an effort to increase sales productivity. A Sales Analyst must evaluate the sales performance while considering the current economic climate. A Sales Analyst may use both customised and standard reports to provide support for retailers, consumers and suggest internal promotions based on the findings.

Sales Analyst jobs include:

  • conducting sales and quantitative product analyses
  • assisting management in developing and evaluating sales forecast and sales budgets
  • collecting, analysing, evaluating, and reporting results to increase sales productivity
  • analysing operations to determine profitability and to create a baseline for operational changes
  • collecting sales data and records and evaluating performance against sales targets
  • evaluating current economic climates and preparing sales forecasts
  • analysing sales and performance records and their effects on overall sales
  • analysing sales proposals, assist in planning with sales manager
  • developing reporting structure that identify costs per unit and determine procedures

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