Boat Builder/Repairer Jobs in Canada
Boat Builder/Repairers are responsible for the construction and repairing of aluminium, fibreglass, and plywood hulls of sea fairing vessels. Boat Builder/Repairer jobs include fitting replacement planks, ribs, keelson, deadwood and keel, caulking seams, repairing decks and topsides, replacing canvas and moulding, installing deadlights, metal or wood coatings, and marine hardware, and boring shaft logs and constructing cradles to fit hulls.

A Boat Builder/Repairer job involves:

  • cutting and forming parts, such as keel, ribs, sidings, and support structures using woodworking hand tools and power tools
  • constructing and shaping wooden frames, structures, and other parts following blueprint specifications
  • affixing metal parts, such as fittings, plates, and bulkheads, using brace and bits, augers, and wrenches
  • finishing ship surfaces, using power sander, broadaxe, adze, paint, and waxes
  • fitting and securing replacement part, using caulking gun, adhesive, or hand tools
  • assembling and installing structures in ship, using adhesive, measuring instruments, and hand tools or power tools
  • measuring and marking dimensional lines on lumber, following templates and blueprints

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