Gunsmith Jobs in Canada
A Gunsmith repairs, aligns and modifies firearms according to blueprint and customer specifications, using hand tools and precision machines, such as grinders, planers, and millers.

A Gunsmith is required to install metallic or optical sights, pistol grips, recoil pads, choke device on shotguns and decorative pieces on firearms. Gunsmiths rebore barrels on boring machine to enlarge calibre of bore, use broaching machine to cut rifling in barrel of small arms.

Gunsmith jobs involve firing firearms with proof loads to test strength characteristics, correct alignment, and correct assembly of the firearm.

A Gunsmith makes wooden stocks for guns according to customer specifications, finishes wooden stocks for rifles and shotguns by sanding and using finishing oil and lacquer. Gunsmiths also restore antique guns, convert old rifles to up-to-date firearms in order to meet safety standards.

Gunsmith jobs require a sound knowledge of handling and operating firearms, understanding of the different assembly requirements, such as moving parts and barrel.

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