Locksmith Jobs in Canada
A Locksmith installs, adjusts, repairs and opens locks. Usually, locksmiths are self-employed or work for a locksmith shop. Hardware and department stores may employ Locksmith's . They may also be employed by manufacturers of safes and locks.

Locksmith's provide advice to businesses and individuals on the best security measures and then sell and install the recommended devices. They are frequently required to drive to worksites and to educate their customers in operating keys and locks properly.

A Locksmith is commonly called upon to open locks in the instance of lost or misplaced keys. They may do this by picking the lock or reproducing a duplicate key. They use screwdrivers, pliers, tweezers, lock picks and a variety of hand and power tools. In addition to their Locksmith duties, they may also manage the business and administrative requirements of their shop or mobile business. Skills in mechanical drawing, mathematics and administration are beneficial.

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