Piano Tuner Jobs in Canada
A Piano Tuner is required to tune pianos and keep them in tune, adjusting the piano strings so that they will be in proper pitch and sound musically correct. A Piano Tuner uses a tuning hammer to tighten or loosen the string being tested until its frequency matches that of a tuning fork. A Piano Tuner must have a good musical “ear” in order to attain a perfect pitch, tone, and sound.

A Piano Tuner must have expert knowledge of the instrument and its 6,000 to 8,000 different components, understanding what each of these parts is, where it belongs in the instrument, and what it does.

A Piano Tuner makes minor repairs to a piano, including replacing worn or broken hammers, realigning hammers, replacing strings and replacing the felt on hammers. Piano Tuner jobs may also involve dismantling a piano to find out what is wrong with it and fix the problem.

A Piano Tuner must have good mechanical ability, dexterity and patience to obtain a perfect pitch, tone, and sound.

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