Precision Instrument Maker/Repairer Jobs in Canada
A Precision Instrument Maker / Repairer fabricates, modifies, and repair mechanical instruments or mechanical assemblies of electronic instruments, such as chronometric timing devices, thermostats, seismographs, and servomechanisms.

A Precision Instrument Maker / Repairer is required to operate machine tools to remodel electronic instruments used in tasks such as electrical logging, subsurface surveying, and other oil, gas, or borehole prospecting, testing, and servicing operations.

Precision Instrument Maker / Repairer jobs involve:

  • installing components, such as timing devices, springs, balance mechanisms, and gear trains
  • operating machine tools to fabricate, modify, or repair electronic instruments, following engineering orders and specifications
  • following drawings to lay out work pieces by measuring and marking materials, such as silver, platinum, steel, and plastic
  • assembling parts in jig and brazes and welds parts together
  • checking dimensions of parts and installation of components, using measuring instruments, such as micrometer, callipers, and electronic gauges
  • connecting circuit components, such as tubes, coils, and switches
  • using tools such as wire strippers and soldering iron and following circuit diagrams
  • testing instruments to determine conformance to specifications, using equipment, such as voltmeters and ohmmeters
  • installing wiring and electronic parts, like sockets, switches, and rheostats, in chassis

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