Sail Maker Jobs in Canada
Sail Makers lie out, cut, assemble and repair sails that may be made from high tech textiles, such as carbon fibre, Zylon and Vectran, and by a lamination cloth as well as canvas.

Sail Maker jobs involve modelling sails using computer aided design (CAD) that connect directly to laser cutters which automatically cut the sail panels from rolls of sail cloth.

Sail Makers use industry specific sewing machines to ensure the panels are sewn together and heavy wear areas are reinforced with protective patches. The Sail Makers attach fittings and lines where required.

Sail Makers jobs include:

  • reading and interpreting technical drawings and specifications and cut patterns from paper according to drawings
  • selecting and measuring material, mark it out and cut with shears or power cutters
  • setting up and maintain industrial sewing machines
  • sewing pieces of fabric together by hand or industrial heavy-duty machines
  • hemming fabric, inserting rope inside the hem if required, and attach eyelets, grommets and fasteners
  • attaching rope to the finished sail using hand tools
  • making and repairing sails for yachts

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