Shoemaker/Repairer Jobs in Canada
Shoemaker/Repairers construct, decorate or repair leather and leather-like products, including shoes, belts and bags.

Shoemaker/Repairer jobs involve the following:

  • liaising with customers to obtain relevant information, e.g. their requirements, and to give them advice
  • estimating the costs of requested products or work such as custom footwear or footwear repair
  • receive payment from customers
  • selecting materials (e.g. leather or fabric), and choose or fabricate patterns
  • laying out patterns onto materials, and cut out parts, e.g. using knives, shears, and industry specific machine presses
  • treating leather or other materials to produce desired effects, decorations or shapes
  • using a variety of techniques such as dyeing, painting, stamping, stitching, staining or punching holes to produce products to specifications
  • joining, aligning and stitching or gluing materials together
  • attaching insoles, shoe uppers, and apply heels and outsoles
  • positioning and securing linings, and attach accessories, e.g. buckles and eyelets
  • cleaning and polishing the finished product, e.g. trim soles and heels to shape, check the product quality
  • repairing footwear and other leather products, e.g. replace worn soles and heels, insoles or accessories (buckles, zips, straps, etc.) and re-stitching
  • cleaning and maintaining tools and machinery

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