Upholsterer Jobs in Canada
An Upholsterer fits and secures material on frames, using hand tools, power tools, glue and staples. An Upholsterer builds furniture up with loose fibre stuffing, cotton, felt, and foam padding to form smooth rounded surfaces and covers the furniture with material.

An Upholsterer is required to examine pieces of furniture checking the frame, upholstery, springs, and webbing to locate ant defects. The Upholsterer removes covering, webbing, padding, and defective springs from work pieces. Then the Upholsterer repairs and restores the piece by replacing fasteners, buttons, webbing, springs, padding, ornamental trim, and new coverings to frame. The Upholsterer use hand tools such as hammers and tack pullers.

An Upholsterer also creates custom upholstered furniture, following patterns, templates, sketches, or blueprints, the Upholsterer measures and cuts the new materials, and assembles the new piece of furniture. An Upholsterer must maintain accurate records of time taken to complete each job and the materials used.

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